Frog Bikes

Some manufacturers take the short-cut to building children’s bikes, just shrinking down adult frames and then fitting them with parts from adult bikes. Frog bikes are different – every detail has been taken into consideration to design the perfect bike for your child from the ground up.

Thanks to research gathered by Brunel University Sports scientists, Frog bikes have child-specific geometry and components to match. For a more accurate fit, the bikes are sized by leg length rather than height, and come with a steeper seat-tube angle and shorter reach to give the best set-up for smaller riders. In addition, the cranks (pedal arms) have a narrower pedal spacing, which gives a more comfortable, efficient riding style than cranks intended for adults and their wider pelvises. Other details include brake levers sized for shorter fingers, their reach adjustable to suit even very small hands.

There’s a Frog bike for young riders all the way from 18 months old up to 13+ To order.

Please email the London bike Hub workshop at If you’d like to place your order for a Frog bike. Once an order has been paid for, delivery is usually 2-3 weeks, and bikes are usually assembled within 48 hours of the day they arrive.

Balance bikes

Contrary to tradition, stabilisers are not the best way to get children riding bikes, as they become dependent on the stabilisers rather than using them to learn how to balance. A much better way to get them started on their journey to becoming a confident cyclist is a balance bike like the Frog Tadpole. By learning to scoot along first, children then rapidly pick up the fundamentals of balance and control necessary for moving on to pedal bikes like the Frog 40, for example.

Frog 73 Neon Red

Hybrid bikes

The Frog hybrids are great all-rounders, equally happy in the park, on the road, or on the tow-path. The robust but light frames make cycling a joy across a range of conditions.

Mountain bikes

The NEW Frog Mountain Bikes are part of the company’s Push The Limits range, and feature a suspension fork and easy-reach hydraulic brakes, for example, which have been specially tailored for younger, lighter riders. The 1 x 9 drivetrains mirror the latest developments in adult mountain biking, but these bikes are aimed at providing keen junior riders with the best off-road handling across a range of terrains.

First pedal bikes

Easing the move from balance to pedal bike are the Frog 40, 48 and 52. With pedals as well as both front and rear brakes, these bikes are the perfect next step to build experience and hone skills before your child moves on to a Frog geared bike. And like all Frog bikes, the high-quality aluminium frames and child-friendly components help instill confidence in budding cyclists.

Road bikes

For those cyclists who want to take their riding a step further, conquering longer distances on-road with ease, the 58, 67 and 70 are the perfect choices. Featuring Microshift integrated brake/gear levers and 9-speed or 18-speed drivetrains, these road bikes are agile, easy to handle, and fun to ride.

Track bikes

If your children dream of competitive cycling on indoor or outdoor tracks built for speed, the Track 58, 67 and 70 are perfectly specified for the velodrome or grass tracks. Responsive, aerodynamic and fast, these bikes are once again designed from scratch based on extensive research, rather than being miniature adult bikes.

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