London Bike Hub launches FIXIT DAY:

Saturday 22 February

Come into our workshop in Greenford, just down the road from the Brompton bike factory.   Pop your bike on a stand, use our tools, small parts and some accessories for two hours – all for £10.  Select a morning (10am-noon) or (2-4pm) afternoon session.  Our experienced workshop manager will be on hand to give advice and help.

Book/pay using this link:

Limited places. Call 07852 521577 for information.

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London Bike Hub started in 2011 with a vision of embedding cycling into the community.

We see the bicycle as providing a lot more than just a means of transport. From a sustainable and healthy way of moving around, engaging the local community and educating all ages and abilities, to perhaps, first and foremost, a fun and enjoyable way of spending time, we believe the bike is best.

By working with the whole community and offering a wide range of services, we have achieved a great deal in a short space of time. We work with schools to deliver top-quality cycle training, support people with physical and learning issues to enjoy the freedom that bikes bring, and provide regular classes to empower everyone to keep their own bikes in a roadworthy condition themselves.

As a not-for-profit operation we can tackle difficult and challenging areas such as working with young offenders, equipping them with the experience and training they’ll need to move into employment. We recycle bikes as part of our programmes as well, giving the community access to affordable bikes that have been used to put skills back into the local area.

On top of our more standard services, uniquely we have a diverse range of other offerings, including cycle logistics for delivering goods by bikes, pedal-powered activities such as generators and smoothie-makers, and recycling and re-purposing bikes into other products.


As a not-for-profit company we really appreciate your donations. If you like what we do, and you think we do a good job, please give whatever you can!


London Bike Hub is proud to work with both individuals and a wide range of high-profile clients including:


One example of our effectiveness is the awards we’ve won from Transport for London for projects including Community Cycling for London, National Skills Agency, Carbon Smart and others.

We are fully insured, and our staff are DBS-checked and qualified to carry out cycle training and bike maintenance.

London Bike Hub is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee in England and Wales.

Company registration number: 07436406
Bikeability registration number: 704315A