Wheel Building


Our advanced maintenance course covers wheel truing, but if you want to understand how to build a wheel, then this £75 one-day course at our Greenford workshop is for you.

Over the day, you will build a 36-hole, cross-3 wheel from scratch using parts we provide. As you make your wheel, you will learn about spoke choice and tools as well as truing (radial and lateral), dishing, and tensioning.

This, like our other courses, is very much hands-on, and while we will touch on some of the theory behind why wheels are designed the way they are, the vast majority of the time will be spent actually building a wheel yourself. There is a vast amount of information on wheel-building theory on the internet, but the number of places where budding mechanics can learn how to make wheels themselves is rather more limited, and we keep student numbers low (six maximum). We also have refreshments to help keep your brain focused on this tough but rewarding skill.

The first wheel-building course for 2020 is on February the 8th, followed by May the 9th and December the 12th.

Students are welcome to return and pay a small fee to use our wheel-building equipment after the initial course, or for refresher sessions when the main wheel-building course is not running.

If you have an enquiry about this course, please email us at workshopbookings@londonbikehub.com

Please note – we’re now asking people to pay the full course cost of £75 to secure their booking, as we’re finding a number of people have been booking places and then not showing up, which is unfair on those others we have to turn away once a class is fully booked. This payment is returnable in full if you cancel your place no later than two weeks ahead of the class date. Otherwise, we can roll the payment forward to the next class date, if you can no longer make the date of your original booking. If London Bike Hub cancels the course, your payment is refundable in full.

The payment can be paid by Paypal (to sales@londonbikehub.com). If you don’t have a Paypal account, please email us at workshopbookings@londonbikehub.com and we can send you over the details for a bank transfer. Please use your initials, the first few letters of the course title, and the course date, as your payment reference.

To book a place, please use the form below: