Fixit Sessions


The next set of Fixit sessions is on February the 22nd, 2020. The morning sessions run from 10am to 12 noon, while the afternoon sessions start at 2pm and finish at 4pm.

Fixit session


If you’ve been wanting to give your bike some proper TLC but don’t have the tools or the space, we can help. Book a two-hour Fixit session on one of our Fixit days, and the £10 cost buys you access to one of our workstations and a full set of tools for you to use on your own bike. And if you need parts to get your bike up and running again, we have a wide range for sale at the workshop.

Please bear in mind that, while there will be a member of staff available to advise on parts, tools, and provide a litle guidance, they will not be able to repair or service your bike for you, and Fixit sessions aren’t maintenance courses.

Please get in contact with us at to book a session.