Ealing Cycling Library

Ealing family cycle library

The family cycle library allows people who already have a bike to borrow a child seat or trailer for up to a month, or longer during the school holidays, to carry their children safely on their bike.

Contact London Bike Hub about which will be most suitable for your bike and child. If you bring your bike to the session, the seat will be fitted for you.

Security deposits are required which will be refunded on return of the item.

  • Bicycles £15-00 (per 4 week month) plus £150-00 deposit.
  • Bicycle trailers £10-00 (per 4 week month) plus £100-00 deposit (we have 2 single trailers and one twin)
  • Child seats £7-50 (per 4 week month) plus £75-00 deposit.
  • Trailgaters £5-00 (per 4 week month) plus £50.00 deposit.


Please continue to check this page for current details.