We hate to see to bikes rusting away in sheds and locked to lamp posts, or worse still going to landfill, so we’re happy to accept donations of unwanted bikes in decent cosmetic condition from individuals and companies. The bikes we’re most often asked for are hybrids, followed by ladies traditional town bikes, racing bikes, and mountain bikes, so if you have any of those to give away, do please get in touch. Unfortunately, we’re unable to collect bikes unless it’s five bikes or more from the same location, due to van hire costs.

GF hybrid 3

We aim to get as many bikes as we can working for resale or reuse in our projects, such as our programmes of training people with learning disabilities as well as ex-service personnel. Some bicycles are used for our training courses, whilst others are repurposed for many ends – making fencing, clothing, art projects and more.

If you’d like to donate a bike or bikes, please fill out the form which is linked to below. If you prefer to call (bearing in mind this line can get rather busy at times), please call Jon on 07305-144584.