Bikes for Sale or for Free

At London Bike Hub, not only do we sell fully-refurbished used bikes at very reasonable prices, but at times when the workshop is particularly busy with bike repairs and servicing (over summer for example), we also sometimes give away some of the bikes which have been donated to us to make some space. Below are listed both the bikes we currently have for sale, and those we’re giving away.

Bikes for Sale

All of the bikes for sale have been professionally refurbished and come with our four-month warranty.


Apollo FS26 full-suspension mountain bike, 18 speeds, £65

This bike has a medium/large frame, 18 speeds (Shimano derailleurs with Gripshift twist-grip shifters) and V-brakes front and back which provide good, effective stopping power. The wheels are 26in, and come fitted with 26 x 1.95 tyres which are also in very good condition. As above, with the Spectre, the wheels are in very good condition, and the bike runs reliably and smoothly.


Dahon Glide 8 folding bike, VGC, £225

Dahon is the best-known manufacturer of folding bikes in the world, and their experience and expertise show in this Glide folder. The bike offers a very smooth, comfortable ride on its 26in wheels, and the aluminium frame keeps the weight down. Providing the gearing is Shimano’s expensive but ultra-reliable and low-maintenance Nexus 8 hub gear, which offers very fast, crisp gear changes, whether you’re on the move or stopped. V-brakes provide powerful but easily controlled braking front and rear, and the bike comes ready-fitted with a rack, mudguards, and leather-style grips and comfy, padded saddle.

As well as the frame folding, both pedals fold to reduce the width of the bike if it’s being stored in a hallway, for example. Another space-saving idea is the bike pump integrated into the seatpost, so you know you’ll always have your pump with you if you get a puncture.


Raleigh Ogre Max mountain bike, 15 speeds, £65

If you’re looking for a sturdy, reliable bike for getting around, this medium-size Raleigh is one very affordable option. It has 15 speeds (three front, five back) with Shimano derailleurs, cantilever brakes for good stopping power, and chunky 26in wheels and tyres which are at home both on-road and in parks and along canal tow paths.

As with any of the bikes we sell, if you’d like us to fit a carrier/basket and mudguards as optional extras, just let us know.


Carlton Circuit 1970s XL racing bike, 5 speeds, shabby chic, £30

If you’re tall, very tall, this bike is for you 🙂 Given the size of its frame, you’ll probably need to be at least 6ft 3in to ride it comfortably, but it would make a good vintage commuter bike, complete with mudguards. It looks shabby-chic as well, so there’s the bonus of it being less likely to get stolen.

We haven’t done a full service on this bike (classic though it is, it’s taking up too much space in our workshop because of its size), but a quick check-over suggests the five-speed gears and brakes are working as they should, and the wheels are in better than average condition for a bike of this age.




Bikes for Free

These are bikes which have been donated to us, and as they’re being offered for free, are untested by us and come with no warranty.

More coming soon.