Accessories, parts and tools (A-Z)

A-E F-K L-Q  R-T U-Z

Basket – metal or wicker – for handlebars


Bike wash (and refills) – cleans your bike. Refills, if you have already have a suitable container

Book – Park Big Blue Book of Tool and Repair, 3rd edition

Bottle cages – hold your water bottle on your bike frame

Bottom bracket – attaches the pedal arms (cranks) to the bottom of the bike frame.

Brush(es) – cleaning

Cable cutters – the industry-standard Park Tools cutters

Cable locks – not as secure as D-locks, but smaller, lighter

Cassettes (7spd up to 11spd)

Cassette lockring tool – required to remove a cassette

Chains (single-speed up to 11spd)

Chain cleaner spray – helps clean the mud and muck off your chain

Chain gauge – tells you if your chain is worn out

Chain whip – required to remove a cassette

D-locks – in a range of prices and security levels


Freewheel block – the older-style screw-on back gear cogs, before cassettes arrived

Freewheel remover – takes a freewheel off, surprisingly enough 🙂

Gaadi specialist inner tubes – fit one to avoid having to take wheel out of the frame to repair a puncture

Hand cleaner

Handlebar grips – help keep your hands where they belong

Helmets – adult sizes small to large, and some children’s helmets

Grease gun – helps you get the grease exactly where you want it


Inner tubes – in a wide range of sizes for a wide range of bike types

Lights – rechargeable (USB) and non-rechargeable LED lights across a range of prices

Lubricants dry and wet – oil for use in either dry or wet conditions

Nuts and bolts

Pedals – new and used, metal or plastic


Reflectors – a legal requirement but often missing from bikes

Road shift cable set – keep your gear change fast and reliable

Rucksacks – small backpacks for carrying food and drink (or a bit of shopping)

Seats – new and used, in a range of styles and sizes

Spanners – for all manners of bike jobs

Sprays – cans of the ever-popular GT85 and TF2 lightweight spray lubricants


Wheels – in a range of size, as either quick-release or bolt-on