Emergency Bike Bank

We are currently based in Greenford and is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee in England and Wales. As a not-for-profit operation we can tackle difficult and challenging areas such as working with young offenders, equipping them with the experience and training they’ll need to move into employment. We recycle bikes as part of our programmes as well, giving the community access to affordable bikes that have been used to put skills back into the local area…

Our aim is to establish a Emergency Bike Bank (EBB) for NHS frontline medical staff and key workers within the London Borough of Hounslow, to match them, free of charge, with bikes donated by the general public and from other sources. LBH will refurbish the bikes for NHS staff and key workers to then use them to travel safely to and from work and avoid overcrowded buses, trains and tubes as Covid-19 lockdown restrictions are relaxed.

We recognise the benefits cycling will bring. This includes avoiding the use of limited public transport and use of cars with leading too corresponding pollution and congestion. We need to help protect our essential workers and keep them moving safely by allowing them to travel with social distancing in mind, reducing their exposure to Covid-19 virus. We also believe that it helps in improving the physical and mental wellbeing of the individuals who have made this lifestyle change and we want to support medical staff and key workers in their day-to-day efforts in looking after and protecting the vulnerable individuals in our local communities in Hounslow.

We are looking to raise an initial £5000, to support the following:

    Funding to help repair and refurbish the donated bikes and ensure that is safe to ride. We will also use the funds to provide cycle locks, lights, and helmets along with cycle support for cycle safety training and route planning

    Donations of bikes (in refurbishable condition) that people no longer have a use for, and that you would like to see used to support NHS frontline and key workers.

A whopping 364,000 bikes are produced and 47,670 are sold every day globally.  In fact, bikes are produced at a rate twice the rate of cars. Considering these staggering numbers, it’s no surprise bike waste is a problem worldwide. It’s estimated roughly 15 million bikes are discarded by their owners every year. And, unsurprisingly, many of these unwanted bikes end up in landfills. So instead of bikes going to landfill, think about donating the bike for someone to make use of, in this case, NHS frontline staff and key workers.

Please help protect our essential NHS workers to keep moving and save lives!

Visit the crowdfunding page.

Find out more and complete the Bike Donation Form here.

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